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Trading Cards Team Fortress 2 Items

Frequently Asked Questions

2017-02-21 06:54:35

# How does it work?

It's pretty simple. You have to create a free account. Earn points by completing survey/offers. When you have enough points for your game place an order, then we will buy the game and send it to you as gift.

# Why are you doing this, what is the catch?

We love gaming. We love the gaming community. SteamPowers is our little contribution to the gaming world. Also we make some revenue from our advertisers.

# Why do you need my Steam Password?

No, we dont need it. We will NEVER ask for your Steam password no matter what. We encourage you NOT to use your steam password while registering in SteamPowers.net.

# How much Points are worth?

Basicaly '1 Point' is equivalent to 'US 1 Cent'. Below you will find a simplified structure:

  • # 500 Points = 5$ Game
  • # 1000 Points = 10$ Game
  • # 2000 Points = 20$ Game
  • # 3000 Points = 30$ Game
  • # 4000 Points = 40$ Game
  • # 5000 Points = 50$ Game
  • # 6000 Points = 60$ Game

# What are the site rules that I must follow?

There are few rules that every user must follow:

  • # Never make more than one account
  • # Do not use Proxy/VPN
  • # Never cheat/fraud in survey/offer
  • # Do not login from friend's home, school, cafe
  • # Never complete same offer/survey more than once

# Different order status meaning?

You can checkout your order status from "My Orders" page:

  • # "Processing" : We are checking your completed offers and purchase your ordered item from steam market.
  • # "Delivery After" : Your order is approved and you will receive it on stated date.
  • # "Expired" : Your order got expired because you did not take it within 15 days after approval.
  • # "On Hold" : Your order is flagged because of rule violation and wont be approved.
  • # "Cancelled" : Your order is refunded.

# Just placed an order, how long will it take to process it?

  • # Games, Gift Cards around 1-2 days.
  • # DOTA2, Trading Cards around 48 hours.
  • # TF2, CSGO around 72 hours.

# Why do I need to wait 7 day after approval to trade the item?

Because steam added restriction on newly purchased items form market: The Notice

# I placed an order but can't take it now, how long will you hold the order?

The order will be valid for 15 days after delivery date, that order will expire and you won't get refund, do not place any trading item order if you cannot take immediately.

# How are we going to send me the game?

Steam has a system that allows us to buy any game as gift. So when you place an order, we buy the game as a gift and send it to you. It will go to your email address. All the instructions will be in that email.

# Can I order games that are on sale?

Yes, you can order games are are currently on sale. But please remember it takes time to verify user's completed offers. So please order games that are on sale for atleast 48 hours. If we can not buy the game on time we will return your points.

# If I cancel an order will I get my points back?

Yes, your points will be returned.

# Can I receive tf2/dota2/csgo/community items without trading?

No, only way we can send TeamFortress 2 items is via trading.

# My Steam account is f2p/limited can I order trading items?

No, your Steam account must be able to add our bots as friend and trade.

# How does the referral system works?‎

When a person creates an account using your referral link then you get a referral. But only getting referrals won't give you any points. You will earn referral points when your referrals earn points. You will get 10% referral points on each point that your referred user earns. Example: When your referral earns 100 points then you will earn 10 referral points. Referral points can be used to order game or it can be cashout as Paypal money.

# How can I get more referrals?

Follow this guide: Click Here.

# Can I earn real money?

Yes you can, you can convert your referral points to real money. We will send your money to your Paypal account.

# I completed an offer but I did not receive my points?

Please click here for explanation.